Support Services

Support Services is a multi-faceted section, providing support functions to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the State of Kansas, and the public we serve.
  1. Fiscal Management

    The Fiscal Department oversees the Patrol’s Accounting and Purchasing sections, as well as the PARTNERS (Providing Assistance for Resisting Trafficking of Narcotic Enterprise Related Sources) program, which allows other law enforcement agencies to purchase supplies and equipment utilizing the buying power of the federal government.

  2. Human Resources

    Human Resources provides guidance and support on personnel issues, including benefits, payroll, recruitment and selection, among other topics.

  3. Information Technology (IT)

    The Patrol’s Information Technology section strives to improve agency technologies by aligning technological advances with the agency’s business needs and processes.

  4. Legal - Counsel

    Legal Counsel provides legal advice to the Superintendent, Command Staff, and agency management. Trooper inquiries also are handled on matters affecting the Patrol.

  5. Motor Vehicle Enforcement

    Get information about the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) locations in the state.

  6. Public & Governmental Affairs

    Public and Governmental Affairs helps promote the Patrol’s public image and messages through media releases, interviews, social media, a website, and other safety materials. The Patrol’s statewide public information officer (PIO) is a part of this unit, and is tasked with coordinating information and communication with the public and media.

  7. Recruitment

    Learn more about how to become a Kansas State Trooper or join the Kansas Highway Patrol.

  8. Troop J - Training Academy

    The Training Academy is the home for KHP trooper and Motor Carrier Inspector III recruits. Applicants must complete an extensive hiring process that includes a written test, interviews, physical and psychological training, and a background investigation.