Facts & FAQs

  1. Aggressive Drivers

    Read through tips on how to best handle aggressive drivers.

  2. Commercial Vehicle Regulations

    The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is the regulating agency for the commercial trucking industry in our state.

  3. Concealed Weapons & Weapons Transportation

    The 2006 Kansas Legislature passed the Concealed Carry Law in Senate Bill 418.

  4. Driver's License

    Drivers' licenses in Kansas are issued and administered by the Kansas Department of Revenue.

  5. Equipment

    Learn about the regulations on after-market products, deer whistles, mirrors, studded snow tires, vehicle lighting and window tint.

  6. Motorcycles & Mopeds

    Read through rules on helmets, operation on roadways and licenses.

  7. Registration & Insurance

    Each motor vehicle on Kansas roads and highways must display a valid registration plate or 30-day temporary tag and a valid liability insurance policy.

  8. Seat Belts & Child Safety Seats

    Learn the laws on seat belts for both children and adults.

  9. Traffic Violations

    Find out what to do if you're stopped, how to avoid following too closely, information on traffic citations, speeding and alcohol violations and DUIs.

  10. Trailers

    Read through a list of rules for trailers that are being hauled.