Career Opportunities

  1. Capitol Police Officer

    Capitol Police (Law Enforcement Officer I), Troop K, functions as a full service law enforcement entity within the Kansas Highway Patrol in Shawnee County, Kansas. To ensure that the established traditions of service, courtesy and protection are continued, the Kansas Highway Patrol selects only the highest qualified candidates for positions within Troop K.

  2. Civilian

    The Kansas Highway Patrol is a statewide law enforcement agency made up of uniformed and civilian personnel. Civilian members staff the agency's troop offices throughout the state and General Headquarters in Topeka, Kansas.

  3. Communications Specialist

    Communications Specialists support field personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by rapidly and efficiently broadcasting information from the Highway Patrol’s Central Communications Center in Salina, Kansas.

  4. Current Open Positions

    Learn about the positions currently available in the Highway Patrol.

  5. Motor Carrier Inspector

    Motor Carrier Inspectors perform thousands of roadside inspections each year, and enforce state laws and federal regulations that promote the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles.

  6. Trooper

    State troopers are certified law enforcement officers who are dedicated to saving lives through enforcing Kansas laws.