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NEWS RELEASE: August 8, 2014
FROM:   The Kansas Highway Patrol
CONTACT: LT Joshua Kellerman, KHP PIO, (785) 296-6800

KHP Offering a New Training Program to Address the "Active Shooter"

Kansas Active Shooter Mitigation (KASM)

In February of 2013, the Kansas Highway Patrol was asked by Governor Sam Brownback to address the concerns of active shooter incidents in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  In response, the Kansas Highway Patrol developed a two-prong training seminar to bring school personnel and law enforcement together for school violence awareness training and an active shooter mitigation train-the-trainer program for law enforcement. 

These training sessions were provided at various locations across the state in the spring of 2013.  In the fall of 2013, the KHP partnered with the Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools, the Kansas State Juvenile Officers Association, and the Kansas Division of Emergency Management to provide a series of active shooter tabletop exercises across the state. Educators and law enforcement personnel were invited to attend these training sessions. The exercises focused on a school active shooter event to increase awareness and reinforce the need for implementing and exercising a local plan.  These training initiatives were well attended and well received.  In November 2013, an executive summary was prepared and delivered to Governor Brownback regarding those efforts. 

As a result of the various training interactions, and in preparation for the coming school year, the KHP has developed a Kansas-based active shooter training initiative titled Kansas Active Shooter Mitigation (KASM).  This training initiative was developed to provide critical information in a timely manner to educators and administrators on what to expect in the event of an active shooter, as well as potential options and considerations to mitigate that threat.  This training program will be taught by designated KHP personnel. 

In 2015, it is planned to offer a train-the-trainer program for designated Kansas law enforcement officers to attend and receive a training certification enabling them to teach the KASM course in their local community.  Additionally, this training course is modular and will be adaptable to address active shooter awareness and mitigation in the workplace.

“Our primary goal was to provide a statewide resource to facilitate active shooter awareness training and to encourage crisis planning between educators and law enforcement at the local level.  There are many ideas and programs being offered across the country.  A lot of the concepts are similar and based on a variety of incidents and experiences.  We felt it was important to have a Kansas solution that addressed the feedback we received interacting with Kansas educators and law enforcement, incorporating what we see as the current best practices.  It’s important to us that this training be offered at no cost to reach as many educators as possible. We want to help our educators explore various options in their planning and response to this tragic phenomenon,” said Major Jason De Vore, Special Operations Commander for the Patrol.