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Every June, the Kansas Highway Patrol, the American Legion, and the American Legion Auxiliary host a one-week law enforcement academy for high school students at the Patrol Training Center in Salina.

The program teaches young Kansans about the training and responsibilities of law enforcement officers in a hands-on environment. Cadets learn about marching, inspections, and emergency vehicle operation. They spend some time in a classroom, receive basic firearms training, and experience some Kansas Highway Patrol Aircraft operations.

Cadet Law Class

To be eligible, you must
· be in the summer between your Junior and Senior years of high school,
· in good health to take part in the activities,
· have a "C+" academic average, and
· write a 100-word essay stating why you want to attend the academy.

Contact the American Legion at (785) 232-9315 for an application and further information. Applications are accepted annually between January and March 31st.

There is no cost to the cadet, but there is a $300 sponsorship fee by the local American Legion Post or American Legion Auxiliary Post. Lodging, food, and uniform are provided for the week.

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If you are too young to go to the Cadet Law Enforcement Program, you can still be a Junior Trooper or a Pre-Cadet Trooper. Pre-Cadets in the Kansas Highway Patrol keep themselves safe and remind others how to be safe. The official duties are listed below. If you can promise to uphold them, take the Official Pre-Cadet Trooper Oath.

…always follow bike, skate, pedestrian, and traffic and safety rules.
…always try hard in school.
…always tell trusted adults if there is a problem at home or at school,
or if they find a gun or drugs.
…never smoke, drink, or do drugs.
…are never bullies.
…are peacemakers.
…only use guns with trained adult supervisors.


"I swear that I will support the constitutions of the
United States of America and the State of Kansas.
I will do my duty as an Official Pre-Cadet Trooper
for the Kansas Highway Patrol,
striving to be safe, healthy, and wise."

Junior Trooper badge
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