Maintenance of Retired Fleet Vehicles

The vast majority of the Patrol's fleet consists of Ford Crown Victorias and Dodge Chargers, which are primarily driven by Troopers and Capitol Police Officers. In an effort to keep up with changes in fleet improvements, future purchases of Chevy Tahoes and Ford Interceptors are in the works.

A majority of the Patrol's vehicles are removed from service prior to reaching 49,900 miles, and every vehicle sold is subjected to a stringent maintenance schedule. Below is the maintenance schedule for the Ford Crown Victoria. All other makes and models of retired vehicles are maintained in a similar manner.
Fleet Maintenance Shop
Break-In Procedure
  1. First 50 miles should be driven at 50 mph. This will allow the tires to be flexed-in properly and will be beneficial to the drive train and engine.
  2. 50 to 500 miles, varying speeds, no prolonged high speeds, no full throttle operation.
  3. From 500 miles, as required in line of duty.
  4. Although the new vehicle has been inspected prior to issue, it is suggested that each officer personally inspect all visible components in the engine compartment, undercarriage and suspension system as soon as practical.
Warranty Service
All warranty services must be completed by an authorized dealer. Do not attempt to have this work completed by local non-dealership repair centers. The new vehicle warranties vary by make model and year. Vehicle warranty maintenance is coordinated by troopers and supervisors.

The only excluded items are those considered normal wear items such at hoses, belts, brake pads, spark plugs and tires. For any questions regarding this service, please contact Fleet Operations.

Services to be Performed at Each Fuel Purchase
  • Use only unleaded fuel
  • Check crankcase oil level
  • Check windshield washer fluid level and wiper blade condition and operation
  • Check for oil and water leaks
  • Check for debris around radiator core