Traffic Citations

The fines for traffic infractions are set uniformly by the Kansas Legislature. All traffic fines collected by district (county) courts are remitted to the state treasury, and are distributed in the following manner:
  • 10.949% to the crime victims compensation fund
  • 2.24% to the crime victims assistance fund
  • 2.75% to the community alcoholism and intoxication programs fund
  • 7.65% to the department of corrections alcohol and drug abuse treatment fund
  • 0.16% to the boating fee fund
  • 0.11% to the children's advocacy center fund
  • 2.28% to the EMS revolving fund
  • 2.28% to the trauma fund
  • 2.28% to the traffic records enhancement fund
  • 2.91% to the Criminal Information Justice System
  • The remainder to the state general fund
No money collected from traffic fines directly finances the operation of the Kansas Highway Patrol.

Additional Laws
Drivers issued notices to appear are required to appear in the district court of the county where the violation occurred or pay the uniform state fine and court costs prior to the court date. Fines for traffic infractions are set by state law and are uniform in all 105 Kansas counties. State law doubles fines for violations occurring in highway construction zones, regardless of whether workers are present.

In addition to traffic fines, the driver is responsible for paying state-mandated court costs, which are set uniformly by the Kansas Legislature.