The Fleet

In 1937, the fleet included four motorcycles and 31 automobiles with silver tops and black bodies. Since then, the fleet has grown to include more cars, motorcycles, trucks, aircrafts, and a mobile command bus for major events and disasters.

Before 1945, troopers did not have police radios, so they often listened to WIBW Radio in Topeka for information. They frequently checked in with sheriffs and police departments while on patrol. Padded dashes, seat belts, automatic transmission, cameras and red beacons were not standard equipment in patrol units until the 1950s. Patrol units did not have moving radar until 1972 or video cameras until the 1990s.
1940s Fleet History
The Patrol began using aircraft in the early 1960s. A plane's crew would detect speeders with stopwatches and report them to ground units that would spring into action. Now, the aircraft pilots often assist with surveillance, searches, and transportation, too.