Professional Standards Unit

Professional Standards Unit (PSU) serves as an impartial fact-finding unit whose primary purpose is to safeguard and enhance the integrity of the agency.

The unit receives and processes complaints against agency employees or procedures, ensuring employees are afforded due process, to ensure uniformity in their application, and identifying training and supervisory needs.

Primary Function

The primary function of this unit is to investigate serious allegations of misconduct involving agency employees. PSU is also responsible for the following:
  • Monitoring the progress of all agency complaint investigations to ensure the efficient and timely completion of reports.
  • Maintaining a central repository for all complaints and complaint investigations. Data is collected and evaluated in order to identify problem areas.
The Professional Standards Unit receives its assignments from, reports to, and is under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of the Kansas Highway Patrol.


The Kansas Highway Patrol takes all complaints seriously. If you have a complaint about the Patrol, or one of its employees, please call or mail a letter to the Professional Standards Unit; or fill out our Compliments/Complaints form.