Our Patch

Great Seal of the State of Kansas
At the center of the Kansas Highway Patrol's patch is the Great Seal of the State of Kansas. In the foreground, it shows a settler's cabin and a farmer plowing with a pair of horses, recognizing agriculture as the basis of the state's prosperity. Beyond this, a wagon train heads west, and a herd of buffalo retreats. Below the sunrise at the right, a river and a steamboat represent commerce. The 34 stars in the sky acknowledge Kansas' place as the 34th state to enter the Union.

Though it does not appear on the Patrol's patch, on the Great Seal a banner hangs above the stars, stating Kansas' motto, "Ad astra per aspera," which means, "To the stars through difficulties."

Patch Collectors
Patch collectors may visit the Kansas State Troopers Association website for more information on obtaining a patch.