Trooper Maurice R. Plummer

Maurice (pronounced Morris) Robert Plummer was born in Perry, Kansas, on August 1, 1902. He graduated from Perry High School in 1921. Prior to joining the Patrol in 1941, Plummer served for 2 years on the Kansas State Border Patrol. In the early days of the Patrol, political affiliation was important to appointment, and Plummer's father was the State Representative for Jefferson County.
He attended Wichita Police School in 1941 and was assigned as a trooper in Hays. He was promoted to Trooper Class A in June of 1942.

Plummer died on December 16, 1944, from injuries sustained in an automobile crash on U.S. Highway 40, 5 miles west of Russell. He was the first member of the Patrol to give his life in the line of duty.

He was survived by his wife and 2 children.
Trooper Maurice R. Plummer