Media Relations Inquiries

Inquiries regarding items of local interest should be directed to the local troop headquarters. For example, a motor vehicle crash on I-70 in Dickinson County should be directed to the Troop C headquarters. Items of statewide news interest be handled by the state public information officer (PIO) at General Headquarters in Topeka. Information on injury and fatality crashes is posted on the online crash logs.

Inquiry Contacts

  • Kansas Turnpike Authority: 316-652-2611
  • Primary State PIO: Lieutenant Adam Winters - 785-296-6800
  • Secondary State PIO: Technical Trooper Steve LaRow - 785-296-6800
  • Troop A (Olathe): Technical Trooper Candice Breshears- 913-782-8100
  • Troop B (Topeka): Technical Trooper Donald Hughes - 785-296-3102
  • Troop C (Salina): Technical Trooper Ben Gardner - 785-827-3065
  • Troop D (Hays): Technical Trooper Tod Hileman - 785-625-3518
  • Troop E (Garden City): Technical Trooper Michael Racy - 620-276-3201
  • Troop F (Wichita): Technical Trooper Chad Crittenden- 316-744-0451
  • Troop H (Chanute): Technical Trooper Rick Wingate - 620-431-2100
  • Troop I (MCSAP): Captain Chris Turner- 785-296-7189
  • Troop K (Topeka): Capitol Police Officer Patrick Saleh - 785-296-3420

Media Contact Quick Reference Map