Roundabout Ahead

Roundabouts are safer, more efficient intersections that people use all over the world. Since these circular intersections have only recently started springing up in the Midwest, they may seem intimidating at first. However, as drivers grow accustomed to them, they usually prefer the counter-clockwise yield system and landscaped central islands to the delays of traffic lights and stop signs.
Roundabout Rules
  • Slow Down: Be prepared to stop if necessary. Watch for pedestrians in crosswalk.
  • Yield to Vehicles in the Roundabout: Yield to traffic coming from the left, but do not stop if the way is clear.
  • 1-Way Travel to the Right: Always make right turns into and out of the roundabout.
  • Use Your Turn Signals: Signal a right turn when you're about to leave the roundabout
  • If Your Street is on the Left: Do not turn left. Instead, turn right and go around the central island until you reach your street.
Roundabout Map