Capitol Police Officer

Capitol Police (Law Enforcement Officer I), Troop K, functions as a full service law enforcement entity within the Kansas Highway Patrol in Shawnee County, Kansas. To ensure that the established traditions of service, courtesy and protection are continued, the Kansas Highway Patrol selects only the highest qualified candidates for positions within Troop K.

Law Enforcement Officers
Law Enforcement Officers and Capitol Area Guards serve at the state’s Capitol Complex area which includes the Capitol Building and other state owned and leased properties in Topeka, Kansas. Troop K Law Enforcement Officers are certified police officers of the state and they enforce traffic laws, regulate traffic flow, and investigate accidents and crimes on and around state-owned property in the Shawnee County, Kansas. Law Enforcement Officers and Capitol Area Guards administer emergency medical assistance, and assist employees and visitors in the Capitol Complex.

Law Enforcement Officers also provide interior police security at the Governor’s residence, Kansas Judicial Center, Memorial Building, Kansas Insurance Building and the Capitol Building. In addition to the vehicle patrol within the Capitol Complex, Troop K Law Enforcement Officers formed a police bike patrol unit to assist with patrol during special events and routine patrol.

Capitol Area Guards
Capitol Area Guards provide security for employees who work in state office buildings. In addition, Capitol Area Guards provide security for state owned and leased buildings in the Capitol Complex by performing physical building checks. Guards diligently monitor information received via the electronic security system, video surveillance equipment, and fire system. Capitol Area Guards assist the public with questions and help to direct visitors to the proper locations.

Communications Specialists
Communications Specialists are stationed at the troop’s communication center in Topeka, Kansas. Communication Specialists provide for the communication needs for the troop by assisting officers with vehicle registrations and warrant checks, as well as taking calls for assistance and emergency calls from state employees. Communications Specialists are trained in a diverse set of skills to handle a bridged radio system, officer radio traffic and call taking. Communication Specialists also use specialized computer aided dispatch software to track calls and information coming into the communication center.