Motor Carrier Inspector

Motor Carrier Inspectors (MCIs) perform thousands of roadside inspections each year, and enforce state laws and federal regulations that promote the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. MCIs:

  • Investigate vehicle crashes
  • Assist during civil disturbances and natural disasters
  • Assist stranded motorists
  • Enforce state statutes governing size and weight of vehicles
  • Promote voluntary compliance with the law through educational programs
  • Testify in court
MCIs also train outside agencies in commercial motor vehicle weight and safety regulations.

Career Options
There are 2 Motor Carrier Inspection career options. Motor Carrier Inspectors work at established scale houses throughout the state, and MCI Law Enforcement Officers are provided agency-owned vehicles to conduct mobile inspections.
The MCI Law Enforcement Officers are certified law enforcement officers, who in addition to inspecting commercial motor vehicles, detect and deter criminal activity, and apprehend criminal offenders.