Physical Agility Testing

The Kansas Highway Patrol Fitness Test (KHPFT) is similar to the U.S. Army’s new ACFT model.  For additional information, please utilize the following website for reference:   The KHPFT scoring and events are slightly modified to meet agency needs.

EVENT 1:  Maximum Dead Lift (MDL)

  • 3-repetition max dead lift.
  • Two attempts allowed.  Heaviest weight lifted correctly is scored.

EVENT 2:  Standing Power Throw (SPT)

  • Overhead 10lb medicine ball throw for distance.
  • Two attempts for score allowed.  Furthest distance thrown is scored.

EVENT 3:  Hand-release push-up – arm extension (HRP)

  • Complete as many hand-release push-ups with arm extensions as possible in two minutes.
  • Only correctly performed repetitions are counted/scored.

EVENT 4:  Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC)

  • Conduct 5 x 50-meter (250m total) shuttle runs for time.  Sprint, drag, lateral, carry, sprint.
  • Total time is recorded for score.

EVENT 5:  Leg Tuck (LTK)

  • Complete as many leg tucks as possible.
  • Total number of correctly performed repetitions is counted.

EVENT 6:  1.5-mile run (1.5MR)

  • 1.5-mile run will be performed south of the KHPTA campus, on a predetermined course, weather permitting.
  • Total time to run the course is recorded and scored.

recruit doing supervised pushups