Qualifications, Hiring Process & Training

Qualifications to become a Trooper

  • Free of conviction of any crime punishable by imprisonment in a federal or state penitentiary
  • Good physical and mental condition
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years of age when recruit training begins
  • Must pass vision and hearing standards
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Possess a valid U.S. driver's license
  • Willing to live and work anywhere within the State of Kansas


Troopers receive 23 weeks of rigorous training at the Kansas Highway Patrol Training Academy in Salina, Kansas. Experienced instructors and coaches lead the recruits through an extensive curriculum of basic and advanced law enforcement courses. Upon graduation from the Training Academy, recruits begin 16 weeks of field training with a veteran trooper.

Hiring Process Components

Applicants must pass an online exam, physical agility test, polygraph, background investigation, and psychological test before any final offer of employment.

Vision Requirement

  • 20/40 corrected

Hearing Requirements

  • 500 Hz at 20 dB
  • 1000 Hz at 20 dB
  • 2000 Hz at 20 dB
  • 3000 Hz at 30 dB