KLER Information

KLER is a free, highly customizable, feature rich, form-based application that includes best-of-breed features with the primary purpose of allowing law enforcement to complete reports in an efficient and safe manner. Facilitates electronic submission to KDOT.


Mobile Capable

  • High-Contrast/Night-Time data input mode
  • Support for bar-code and mag-card scanning hardware
  • Supports both online (desktop) and offline (MDU) data input

Highly Configurable

  • Configurable to support cross-agency form routing and workflow
  • Form designer allows for agencies to publish additional forms

Feature Rich

  • Automatic text resizing to fit text into space on forms
  • Enables embedded electronic diagrams
  • Large number of state mandated form templates included in solution
  • Supports offline data validation to reduce the likelihood of input errors

KLER Portal Features

  • Download supporting software and documentation
  • Obtain the latest version of KLER
  • Provide feedback
  • Register your agency
  • More KLER information

More Information

  • For More Information on how to get started call the Help Desk