Assistant Superintendent

Lieutenant Colonel Randy Moon

In February 2015, Colonel Mark Bruce appointed Lieutenant Colonel Randy Moon to begin serving as Assistant Superintendent of the Kansas Highway Patrol. Moon has served for 29 years with the Patrol, and has 31 years of law enforcement service to the citizens of Kansas.

He joined the Patrol on June 18, 1986, as a member of KHP Class #22. His first duty station was Wellington. He transferred to Wichita in 1990, then to Kingman in 1992. He was promoted to sergeant in February 1996, and was assigned to Governor’s Security detail. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1999, remaining in Governor’s Security. In 2000, he transferred to Reno County, serving as a zone supervisor for field units in that section of Troop F, the south central region. In January 2006, Moon was promoted to captain, and assumed command of the Patrol’s Troop M—Central Communications and the Criminal Justice Information Systems unit.

As a member of the Patrol, he has served as a team leader for the Patrol’s Honor Guard; as a Breath Alcohol Unit instructor; and as assistant commander of the Patrol’s operations at the Kansas State Fair. In 2010, Moon completed the 11-week Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, held in Quantico, Virginia. In September of 2012, Lt. Colonel Moon was appointed by FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as a member on the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Advisory Policy Board.

Lieutenant Colonel Moon is a graduate of Pratt High School. He earned an Associate’s degree in Administration of Justice from Barton County Community College. Prior to joining the Patrol, he was a patrolman with the Pratt Police Department. Moon served six years in the United States Marine Corps from 1981-1987. During his stint he was assigned to the Presidential Security Detail at Camp David from 1981-1984. He was awarded the Presidential Service Badge from President Ronald Reagan in November 1983.