Personal History Statement Part I

An investigator will contact you to schedule a time to meet. During this meeting you will be asked to produce a copy of your Driver’s License. It is very important that you have it ready.


*This is a savable and fillable PDF form, which works best utilizing an Internet Explorer web browser.

Prior to employment, a comprehensive background investigation will be conducted to determine your suitability for employment with the Kansas Highway Patrol. The investigation may include, but is not limited to examination and investigation of employment history, driving history, criminal history, financial history, military history, and general life history, including social media. Documentation may be obtained or required, including a credit history, medical history, and military records. Interviews will be conducted with employment and other references. Expect that both past and present coworkers, supervisors, spouses, family members, neighbors, friends, roommates, business associates, and leisure or civic activity associates may be contacted during the investigation.

A State Tax Clearance Certificate is also required

If you have not yet submitted your State Tax Clearance Certificate, please do so now by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website at Applicants are responsible for submitting their certificate with their application materials to the hiring agency each time they apply. Email the tax clearance to and include the job requisition number and your last name in the subject line.