Weigh Station Bypass Options for Commercial Carriers

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Kansas Highway Patrol partners with PrePass electronic pre-screening and bypass service for qualified carriers, enabling their trucks to safely bypass weigh stations and save time, fuel and money. Since 2001, HELP Inc., the non-profit public/private partnership that offers the PrePass suite of services, has enjoyed a beneficial partnership with our governmental and motor carrier industry partners in Kansas. Through August 2016, the partnership has resulted in a HELP Inc. investment of over $3.2 million in deployment and ongoing maintenance of the PrePass system in Kansas, over 9 Million successful bypasses and has provided a cost savings to industry of over $65 million. HELP has supports improved safety for all highway users in Kansas and across the entire PrePass system.

DriveWyze PreClear Weigh Station Bypass Program

Kansas Highway Patrol has authorized the Drivewyze PreClear bypass program to operate in the state of Kansas. Commercial carriers and owner-operators that enroll in the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service are eligible to legally bypass open weigh stations and inspection sites instead of always pulling in, at bypass rates determined by Kansas Highway Patrol and based upon carrier safety scores and other state-defined prerequisites. Drivewyze PreClear is a software service that uses GPS and cellular communications, instead of a transponder, and runs hands-free on many brands of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and other in-cab telematics devices, including tablets and smartphones. For more information about Drivewyze, including a full list of compatible ELDs and other in-cab devices, please visit www.drivewyze.com.