Nonprofit Security Grant Program

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) provides funding support for target hardening and other physical security enhancements and activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attack. The intent is to integrate nonprofit preparedness activities with broader state and local preparedness efforts.

This funding opportunity is for physical security enhancements and other security-related activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack. It also seeks to integrate the preparedness activities of nonprofit organizations with broader state and local preparedness efforts. One concern to address is Enhancing the protection of soft targets/crowded places. 

2022 Grant opportunity

Visit for tools, resources, trainings, and additional guidance. We will be emailing and posting webinar opportunities soon, so do check into the datacounts website periodically.

Important: Shortened timeline for FY2022 grant applications

Following an informational call with FEMA, we learned of some updates to the that will affect applicants already working on this process.

The FY22 Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program is expected to be released, no later than May 13, 2022, with 31 days to submit all applications on your behalf. This means, our deadline must be shorter to review, score, rank and submit. We will determine a due date for packets to be received in our office soon. We want Kansas to have the best opportunity for this funding and the best way is to begin the process now.

You will need to obtain your Unique Identifier Number, create a Mission Statement, obtain, or conduct a Risk Assessment on each facility, read through and answer all sections of the current IJ form currently located at

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What we Know

  • Total increased in National funding from $90 to $125 million dollars.
    • This means more nonprofits have an opportunity for funding with a well justified application
  • The Investment Justification form (IJ), currently used is being revised and will be uploaded and available with the funding announcement
    • In the meantime, applicants can utilize the IJ posted at and transpose the information over to the new form before submission.
      • We recommend using a word document to collect the information to assist with spell check and grammar
      • Do not send in your application packets until the SAA releases the official announcement with directions
  • Eligibility requirements apply
    • If you receive any public tax dollars to operate- you do not qualify- eligibility links can be located on 
  • The facility you are applying for must be completed (not under construction), occupied and operational by the time of application and located in Kansas. 
    • This opportunity is not for building a new facility and is strictly for security enhancements
  • FEMA no longer allows SAA’s to set a lower cap on applications as in previous years- The new application cap for Kansas is $150,000
    • Max per site remains $150,000 for up to 3 sites- No more than $450,000 per organization per application year
    • A separate application-Risk Assessment-Mission Statement must be submitted per site
  • Bonus points will be given to new applicants/organizations
  • Bonus points will be given for Underserved Communities
    • We will not have a definition of Underserved Communities until official guidance is released
  • After April 4th, nonprofits will not need a D-U-N-S except states. 
    • The Dun & Bradstreet D‑U‑N‑S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses
  • Nonprofits will only need to apply for a Unique Identifier Number (UIN) with no requirement to maintain it.