What are the legal weight restrictions in Kansas?
  • A single wheel may not exceed 10,000 lbs.
  • A single axle may not exceed 20,000 lbs. (22,000 lbs. on the Kansas Turnpike)
  • A tandem axle (40 – 96” from center to center) may not exceed 34,000 lbs.
  • A triple axle (96 – 132” from center of first to third axle), may not exceed 42,000 to 44,000 lbs., depending on measurement
  • A quad axle (120 – 150” from center of the first to fourth axle) may not exceed 50,000 lbs.
  • May not exceed 80,000 lbs. on interstate
  • May not exceed 85,500 lbs. on other roads
  • May not exceed tire weight ratings
  • May not exceed declared registered weight (license plate)

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