What is a "Covered Farm Vehicle"?

A Covered Farm Vehicle is an exception to some federal regulations for farming operations.  49 CFR §390.5T defines a CFV as:

  1. A straight truck or articulated vehicle—
    1. Registered in a State with a license plate or other designation issued by the State of registration that allows law enforcement officials to identify it as a farm vehicle;
    2. Operated by the owner or operator of a farm or ranch, or an employee or family member of an owner or operator of a farm or ranch;
    3. Used to transport agricultural commodities, livestock, machinery or supplies to or from a farm or ranch; and
    4. Not used in for-hire motor carrier operations; however, for-hire motor carrier operations do not include the operation of a vehicle meeting the requirements of paragraphs (1)(i) through (iii) of this definition by a tenant pursuant to a crop share farm lease agreement to transport the landlord's portion of the crops under that agreement.

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