What is the process to purchase a car?
Simply contact Fleet Operations at 785-296-8535 and tell us what type of vehicle your department wishes to purchase. After the order is taken, an invoice is generated for the buyer. Most vehicles are reserved while still in service. Once the vehicle is retired it usually takes 10-14 days to make the vehicle ready for sale. When the vehicle is ready, the buyer is contacted to coordinate pick up of the vehicle. Please call 785-368-8701 for more information.

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1. When do these cars become available for purchase by the public?
2. Who may purchase retired fleet vehicles?
3. What are the advantages of purchasing retired Kansas Highway Patrol vehicles?
4. What kind of cars do you usually have available for sale?
5. What colors are available on the police cars?
6. How many miles do you drive your vehicles before they are sold?
7. Can I purchase additional equipment on the vehicle?
8. Do the cars come with a warranty?
9. What is the process to purchase a car?
10. Do the cars have to be picked up in Topeka?