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Agency Satisfaction Survey

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    The Kansas Highway Patrol and its Communications Center are committed to providing high quality customer service. Please complete this short survey and share your experience with us.

  2. Contact information is not required

  3. Interaction with our Communications Center

    In regards to your recent interaction with our Communications Center, please rate the following:

  4. Have you had contact with our Communications Center?

  5. Rating Scale
    10=Exellent 1=Very Poor

  6. Communication Officer's professionalism

  7. Communication Officer's customer service

  8. Communication Officer's timeliness

  9. Please indicate your OVERALL satisfaction with the Communications Center.

  10. Interaction with a uniformed Trooper or Officer

    In regards to your most recent contact with a uniformed Trooper or Officer, please rate the following:

  11. Trooper's concern/empathy

  12. Trooper's knowledge

  13. Trooper's ability to put you at ease

  14. Trooper's ability to problem solve

  15. Trooper's fairness during the interaction

  16. Trooper's helpfulness during the interaction

  17. Trooper's response time

  18. Trooper's professionalism

  19. Trooper's appearance

  20. Agency Satisfaction

  21. Please indicate your OVERALL satisfaction with the Kansas Highway Patrol as a whole.

  22. Community concerns

  23. Please indicate how safe you feel living in Kansas.

  24. How do you stay informed and up-to-date on crime, safety concerns, and issues in your community? Please select up to three.

  25. What is your greatest concern regarding crime and safety in Kansas? Please select up to three.

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